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You might see numbers like 1080i or 720p, but do you really know what they mean? The number indicates the number of pixels in one vertical row of the screen. The letter indicates whether the image is refreshed interlaced or progressively.
tk 53312 panasonic plasma
tk 53312 panasonic plasma
It is estimated that more than 80 percent of televisions end up in landfills, despite a growing number of state laws that prohibits dumping them. If your TV breaks, it may just need a simple repair. Give us a call or come on in our estimates are free, we might be able to prevent it from adding to the landfill.
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Dependable Electronics Repair in Kennewick, WA

Certified Electronic Technicians

When you need reliable TV repair services, contact the certified electronic technicians of At Home Electronics. We have been serving Kennewick, WA and the surrounding Tri-Cities area for over 30 years under the supervision of our owner, Danny Ellig. Our team has the knowledge and experience to provide repairs and maintenance for over 30 major brands of TVs and other home electronics.
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DVD Players
Microwave Ovens

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Outstanding Electronic Appliance Services

At Home Electronics is your reliable provider of outstanding electronic appliance repair. We have the ability to fix almost every kind of TV because we have good working relationships with major manufacturers. This also allows us to track down hard-to-find replacement parts for your faulty electronic devices.

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Call us at 509-586-3800 today for all your home electronics repair and maintenance needs. We will make sure that all the problems regarding your equipment are dealt with in a professional manner. For audio and video equipment we have a $ 25.00 in-shop estimates fee, for TV's there is no estimate fee, pick-up and delivery services, and in-home repair services for your convenience.